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José Salvador Velásquez

Treasurer and Founding Member

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“I would like to dedicate part of my time toward the conservation of Honduras’ flora and fauna.”


With more than 25 years dedicated to education, Salvador has helped his community by educating and preparing numerous generations of youth within the national education system. He is a teacher that fosters technical abilities, authorized and competent in a manner that is reflected in the positive outcome of the students.

Currently, he works at the Technical Institute of Maximiliano Carranza in the city of Siguatepeque. His ample experience in mechanical engineering enables him to offer an excellent opportunity to the young students whereby they can develop their abilities in different technical fields such as welding, lathing and milling which in turn they can utilize in the future.

  • Group Management

  • Engineering and Mechanics

  • Formation and Optimizing Working Groups

  • Resourcing Skills

  • Administration

  • Communication

  • Moderator

  • Adaptability

  • Nature

  • Photography