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María Olivia Díaz

Founding Member

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“As an eco-tourist, I have seen the potential that this beautiful country has to offer, as well as the threats and lack of training in these fields.”


Maria Olivia Diaz grew up in the countryside in the south of Lempira, where from an early age she learned to value and respect nature. At the same time she began to look after the well being of the community in general.

After finishing elementary school she decided to study Agronomy, doing her professional internship in the field of rural extension and healthy homes with the local inhabitants of Maiquira, Lempira. By working with families and local leaders she taught them innovative techniques for improved crop production.

Right after that she entered the National Autonomous University of Honduras where she began the degree in Biology. There, she found her calling and along with investigation she wanted to share with the world the natural beauties of her country. So, she changed universities and began a degree in Ecotourism at the Metropolitana University of Honduras. With this degree she will be able to achieve a positive interaction with local communities, leaders and other key representatives by sharing her knowledge and encouraging the conservation of protected areas and its biodiversity.

Olivia has field experience in inventorying and bird monitoring and has worked as a bird guide. She offers her time and knowledge in order to promote the protection of biodiversity by training the young generations and other interested people. She believes that activities such as bird watching are an important activity to help build the economy of the country.

  • Field investigations

  • Monitoring of flora and fauna

  • Identification and photography of flora and faun

  • Identification and photography of flora and fauna

  • Bird guide instructor

  • Fortitude

  • Empathy

  • Flexible

  • Nature

  • Sociology

  • Anthropology

  • Ethnology

  • Tourism

  • Ethnography