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Luis Cueva

First Spokesperson

Contact Info
"Having worked so closely with Robert, a highly skilled and committed person dedicated to the environment, has allowed me to develop a special interest for Nature and conservation"


Luis was born in the beautiful town of Copan Ruinas in the western part of the country who showed a liking to technology from an early age. He completed elementary school in his home town and later moved to continue a higher education and expand his knowledge.
His father was a farmer who dedicated his time to cultivating tobacco, vegetable crops and cattle ranching. Luis frequently accompanied his father to work which allowed him to grow up in close contact with the natural world. In his early childhood he helped in reforestation projects, was a volunteer emergency responder with the Red Cross and on occasion accompanied adults during visits to villages within the municipality.
For quite some time Luis has worked side by side with Robert, allowing him to develop quality, professional projects and publications that were related to the environment. Amongst them are the following: an interactive CD of the orchids of Honduras; a CD on the bird sounds of Honduras; the graphic design and setup of various bird field guides for different regions of the country including the book “Guide to the Birds of Honduras” in both English and Spanish editions.
Amongst his technical and communication skills it is worth mentioning the completion of the content and design of other books, magazines, pamphlets, advertisements, web design, logo designs and corporate brand-names, production of promotional videos for businesses, notes for websites and media, etc.
Professional, multitalented and experienced, dynamic, creative and responsible. Committed with his work, able to adapt with people, to work under pressure and face new challenges that present themselves. With great pleasure he learns new skills and experiences that allow him to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Creative

  • Graphic Design

  • Technical Knowledge

  • Amateur Videographer

  • Amateur Photographer

  • Amateur Writer

  • Critical thinker

  • Analytic

  • Versatile

  • Cooperative

  • Inspirational

  • Innovative

  • Technology

  • Applied science

  • Creative marketing

  • Photography

  • Art

  • Movies

  • Literature