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María Esmeralda Díaz

Secretary and Founding Member

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“I would like to leave a legacy for I will be proud of and being a member of the Foundation will allow me to reach this goal.”


Esmeralda was born in San Francisco, Lempira where she went to primary school. Being brought up in a rural area taught her to appreciate nature and admire the incredible flora and fauna that exists in the country. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in teaching with more than 12 years of educating future generations.

She is a proactive person that has demonstrated her ability to work closely with local communities by giving workshops and training modules to women on cooking and baking. This has been done with local Lencan ethnic woman’s groups in order to form micro-enterprises in order to better their livelihoods. She has also been involved with organizing and participating in the reforestation of micro watersheds and is one of the authors of the Activity Booklet that is a complementary tool of the “Guide to the Birds of Honduras” (Spanish edition).

Currently she works as a professor at the Institute of Dr. Genaro Muñoz Hernández in the city of Siguatepeque. She is a recognized leader with experience in her involvement with problem solving and vision for the planning of micro enterprises.

  • Administration

  • Planning

  • Personnel Management

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Determination

  • Handicraft Skills

  • Food Services

  • Social Responsibility

  • , Home Improvement Skills