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Alicia Díaz

Second Spokesperson, Founding Member

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“My interest in the protection and conservation of the environment motivated me to join the foundation.”


Alicia is originally from the municipality of San Francisco in the department of Lempira. For many years she has worked as a teacher for the Secretary of Education. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish has allowed her to share her knowledge and teach the new generations of students, offering them a learning environment that stimulates thinking the process.

She has invested a significant amount of time in teaching, demonstrating her abilities to work closely with the local communities and individuals. She has given presentations at local high schools regarding the care and protection of the forests and of course its flora and fauna. Additionally, together with her students and other volunteers, they have undertaken reforestation campaigns, clean-ups and awareness programs regarding the protection of the environment and watersheds which all are dependent upon.

  • Teacher

  • Group Management

  • Resiliency

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Proactive

  • Creative

  • Conservation

  • Teaching

  • Literature