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Honduran Butterfly Conservation Tour-January 2023

The Pro-HN Foundation is organizing this special event in order to publish the forthcoming Guide to the Butterflies of Honduras, being authored by Robert Gallardo and Olivia Diaz. Numerous teams, each led by experts, will search for butterflies at various sites across the species-rich Lake Yojoa basin and will be run as a ‘fun’ competition. The event is timed to take place during the height of the mistflower blooming season. Clouds of butterflies literally descend onto the flower-filled gardens from the surrounding rainforest at Emerald Valley, home to nearly 700 species.

Promotional video

The following companies are offering the conservation tour:

Fauna Ventures-Jan. 5-14thHonduras – Fauna Ventures Butterfly Tours

Holbrook Travel- Jan. 5-14thHonduras | Butterflies of Honduras Conservation Tour (

Mariposa Butterfly Tours- Jan.

Greenwings-January 4-17thButterflies of Honduras – Greenwings Wildlife Holidays