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The first Butterfly Festival

The first Butterfly Festival took place from January 10th – 12th, 2020 at Emerald Valley, located at Lake Yojoa, Honduras.

The event was organized by the Pro Nature Honduras Foundation (Pro-HN) and sponsored in part by the Honduran branch of IUCN. The event aims to educate and make Honduran citizens aware of the importance of the country’s biodiversity and how to utilize these natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Emerald Valley harbors more than 600 species of butterflies and has become the official site to hold Honduras’ annual butterfly festival; unique amongst its kind in all of Latin America. The event coincides with the blooming cycle of a very special plant called ‘Blue Mistflower’ which attracts butterflies from all six families. Besides this plant, the property has many other types of flowers within three gardens making it a butterfly paradise.

The first Festival was a complete success and many people arrived from different parts of the country, including adolescents. Many of them relate that it was unique and unforgettable in addition to having learned much. During the event the participants were able to observe and photograph a large variety of species. Likewise, they were able to find three species that were new for Emerald Valley and received copies of the “Guide to the Birds of Honduras” as prizes.

The photography contest was quite emotional, especially for the youth, and some prizes were received with tears. Prizes included digital cameras, butterfly books, hotel packages and original butterfly art.

Members of the Foundation worked hard to make the Festival come to fruition and make it success. As a country and Foundation we are proud to say that this event is ours. We hope to see you at the second event in January 2021.


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