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3rd Annual Emerald Valley Butterfly Festival

January 04 – 09, 2022 Lake Yojoa, Honduras

Honduras has a wide variety of butterflies and to date around 1,250 species have been recorded, including several undescribed species. Emerald Valley has been proven to be an important site as it harbors the most diverse number of species found anywhere in the country and probably throughout the entire region. Amazingly, more 675 species have been documented in only 50 acres of tropical forest. The endemic, previously undescribed species (Eleanor’s Emesis-Emesis eleanorae) is the Festival’s official logo. Likewise, the property has more than 170 species of birds including three types of toucans, chachalacas, orioles, tinamou, motmots and many more.

In the month of December and January the Blue Mist Flower shrubs bloom in several carefully tended gardens. This annual phenomenon literally attracts clouds of butterflies that belong to all six families and is the only flower in the entire region that possesses that quality. Species are attracted by the flowers’ sweet smell and come down from the forest canopy as well as come out of the nearby forest. More than twenty country records have been documented in those flowers.


The third butterfly festival of 2022 is the only event of its kind held in Honduras and Central America. More Blue Mist Flower gardens have been added in the area to attract a larger diversity of butterfly species. Also, the presence of other important flowers such as lantanas, porterweed, zinnias and others attract many butterflies. Visitors will have ample opportunities to take hundreds of photos.


There will also be a butterfly photo contest and each participant will have the potential opportunity to contribute photographs to the future book “Guide to the Butterflies of Honduras.”


This event is sponsored and organized by the Pro Nature Honduras Foundation (Pro-HN). For more information about the Butterfly Festival and registration please see their website:


For more information please download the following documents

Registration Form

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Meting Place

PDF  archive with the location of the meting place.


Recommended Hotels:

Bio Parque Paradise, Los Naranjos. Contact: 9502-8189, 9995-1875
PANACAM Lodge,  Azul Meambar N.P. Contact: 8881-2553
El Rancho Hotel y Restaurante, El Cajon. Contact: 9970-6738