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Robert is originally from the city of Santa Paula, California, U.S.A. From a very early age he has developed a fondness for the natural world and this eventually led him to get a degree in Natural

Osvaldo Munguia, a professional from a wide range of education and extensive work experience. He has dedicated his life to the service of his beloved country, Honduras, especially on behal

Esmeralda was born in San Francisco, Lempira where she went to primary school. Being brought up in a rural area taught her to appreciate nature and admire the incredible flora and fauna that exists in the country.

With more than 25 years dedicated to education, Salvador has helped his community by educating and preparing numerous generations of youth within the national education system.

Miguel is a professional with ample experience in different areas, having worked for more than 32 years with the Dole International Fresh Fruit company, where he applied his knowledge in different sectors encouraging innovation and business strategy.

Roger is originally from Florida de Opatoro, La Paz, known by its inhabitants as the ‘Pearl of the Mountain,’ and is located close to the Guajiquiro Biological Reserve. Being so close to nature as a child has led him to have a keen interest in the natural world.

Luis was born in the beautiful town of Copan Ruinas in the western part of the country who showed a liking to technology from an early age. He completed elementary school in his home
town and later moved to ontinue a higher education and expand his knowledge.

Alicia is originally from the municipality of San Francisco in the department of Lempira. For many years she has worked as a teacher for the Secretary of Education. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish has allowed her to share her knowledge and teach the new generations of students, offering them a learning environment that stimulates thinking the process.

He is originally from the municipality of Santa Cruz in the department of Lempira where he has a long and distinguished history of public service. His calling for service has led him to become a professional in health care and currently works as a supervisor for the Secretary of Health in his native city.

Maria Olivia Diaz grew up in the countryside in the south of Lempira, where from an early age she learned to value and respect nature. At the same time she began to look after the well being of the community in general.